The desire to fit in, to be a part of a group despite what their agenda may be miraculously overrides our better judgement at times. It is natural. The need to be adjoined and form a populous is an instinctual feature that has helped us survive in a world otherwise dominated by teeth and claws or poisons and venoms. Our intelligence and numbers are what have solidified our position at the top of the food chain, but when do these instinctual behaviors become a hinderance?

In a world where information is so easily available it is difficult to understand how many people can still be so ignorant. On social media sites like facebook or twitter and so on people will see articles and click the comments tab to state their opinions based on the title or picture without ever clicking the link or searching for supporting sources. The arguments flood the comments sections with great emotion and passion, usually veering far from subject of the posted article. The outcome of this behavior repeatedly creates an anger or hatred between people, thickening the line that has already been drawn to divide us. 

Many people have just cause in protesting in the streets and chanting their beliefs with a burning desire to be heard, but there are some with different intentions. For some, these demonstrations can act as an outlet to behave in a manner otherwise unacceptable or unjust. Then there are some that join in simply to be a part of a larger entity and experience that unity. Even though it may not align with their personal views or beliefs. It can no doubt be thrilling with the release of endorphans that accompany the emotional and passion driven acts of a protest or riot. Unfortunately, the people that are there for those reasons actually take away from the intention behind them and can blur the message being recieved by the ones intended to receive it, doing more harm than good. A message of peace and love under these circumstances can be misconstrued and perceived as a message of hate or phobia. 

The time we live in now is different, but has occured before in history. It is up to us to behave in a more productive way. We have come a tremendously large way from our beginnings though we act in the same. It is time to allow our actions to reflect our evolution. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. 

Samuel McKeown,                                             Independent writer.